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“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”
(B.K.S. Iyengar)

ZEIT (n) |ʦaɪ̯t|:

1 . Time (German)

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YOGAZEIT Ltd. is a Not for Profit and Health Promotion Charity (DGR 1 status) dedicated to the prevention and management of both psychological and physical health conditions. We educate and empower Australian Youth and Seniors with Yoga and Mindfulness classes, programs, training, and professional development courses founded on the principles of education, ethics and research. In order to support our activities we rely on donations, grants, our own fundraising efforts and funding arrangements with strategic partners.

At YOGAZEIT, we believe that the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga and mindfulness should be accessible to all School Communities and Aged Care facilities across Australia, regardless of financial circumstances, gender, age, backgrounds, abilities, challenges and talents.

We focus on providing accessible and research-based mindfulness and movement (Yoga) programs to promote social connection, prevent and control psychological and physical illness from early childhood, youth and the aged.


Our VISION is to provide access to yoga and mindfulness to people and high risk groups in need with a focus on:

Australian School Communities:

empowering students and educators with resources and activities they can use to reduce stress and anxiety, support resilience, physical and mental fitness, leading to a happier and healthier future.

Aged Care Facilities:

enhancing residents’ quality of life for improved mental, physical, social-emotional and intellectual wellbeing supporting healthy ageing.


Guided by research and evaluation of our programming, we’re committed to make a difference. One breath at a time!

For more information about Yogazeit’s work or impact read our 2019/2020 Annual Report.




Community Projects | Aboriginal Youth | Healthy Ageing 


Research and Health Benefits

Supported by research and evaluation of our programming, we're committed to make a difference!




YOGAZEIT Ltd. is comprised of organisations and individuals working in and committed to supporting Health and Wellbeing for children and for Seniors. We rely on donations, funding and partnerships.

Help us provide Yoga and Mindfulness to Youth and Seniors and please consider a donation.


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YOGAZEIT is a team of highly experienced Educators, Business Professionals, Aged Care Workers, Social Scientists and Health Professionals. Committed to changing the scope of Education and Ageing, we’re meeting the needs of the Young and Young at Heart through the tools of accessible Yoga and Mindfulness for every BODY.

Our strong partnership with government agencies and service providers allows YOGAZEIT to provide tailored mindful movement programs and focus on supporting the mental health of people in need.

All proceeds from our programs and fundraising activities flow back to the community, enabling more children and seniors to access the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness to empower mental, physical and social Health and Wellbeing.



YOGAZEIT is governed by an Executive Board who dedicate their time and knowledge on a volunteer basis.

Additionally we’re working with an Advisory Committee – Experts in the field supporting our Mission and Vision. With a team of passionate and highly skilled Professionals, Yoga Educators, Teachers and a team of amazing volunteers, we’re empowering Australians with evidence-based Yoga and Mindfulness to support physical and mental Health and Wellbeing for the Young and Young at Heart.

One breath at a time …



 We’re currently seeking passionate people about Health and Wellbeing for Youth and Seniors ready to assist our organisation in our strategic aims and objectives. If you have a background in corporate or not-for-profit with experience in fundraising, legal, marketing, strategic growth, or networking – please apply! People with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background are especially encouraged to apply, having the chance to actively support our outreach programming.


Make a difference today and join our Team! 


Yogazeit is supported by a network of highly qualified diverse Yoga Educators and Professionals passionate about educating and empowering Health and Wellness for the Young and Young at Heart. We operate in a paid and/or volunteer capacity and are a key factor in our success.


Volunteers enable our life-changing programs to reach the most vulnerable amongst young people and older adults. By educating others about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness or taking part in administrative or teaching duties, volunteers ensure that each week our organisation can successfully help those who need it most – allowing us to maximise our impact.

Do you want to join the YOGAZEIT Crew?

We’ve got some fantastic opportunities, enabling you to make a real difference to growing and mature bodies and minds. Some projects including work in remote and regional areas of WA with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, other opportunities include admin support here in Perth. You’ll be part of a passionate team, empowering Health and Wellness for different generations.

We are always looking for talented Individuals who share our mission.

If you’re as passionate about working with Youth or Seniors as we are, please send us an inquiry.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!