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Empowering children and young people in the Pilbara region with culturally relevant and customised mindfulness and movement.

Supporting social and emotional wellbeing.

One breath at a time.


In 2022 Yogazeit will be supporting the Pilbara region with customised Mindfulness and Movement. We will be visiting as many regions as possible, collaborate with communities to support the development of customised mindfulness and movement resources in local language and offer free Mindful Movement Education to school networks, youth workers, womens centers and everybody who’s passionate in and interested in supporting social emotional health and wellbeing for themselves and their community.

School Incursions

Community Classes

Professional Development

Trauma Informed Children’s and Teens Yoga Teacher Training

Community-informed and evidence-based Curriculum
Meeting National Health and Physical Education Standards 
Supporting the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework


We’re seeking expression of interest to maximise impact in the community. Please let us know how we can support YOU with customised Mindfulness and Movement so support social emotional wellbeing for growing bodies and minds. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

If you have questions or wish to discuss potential involvement opportunities, please contact:

  • Sharnell Avery, Outreach Coordinator 0433 383 076 / Sharnell@yogazeit.com.au

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If we can embed the Yogazeit skills in our schools, we have the potential to make a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing.

Tim Thornton

Lead School Psychologist South Metro Education Office

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