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What’s the difference between an ‘IN PERSON’ (trainer led) Training and the offered Online Trainings?

  • Face-to-Face Interaction and Time with Experienced Trainer – 32 hours with an experienced Trainer to answer questions, get live feedback, practice teach / role play, stay on task, and gain real-time insights into teaching kids’ yoga (online offers 8 live hours)
  • RCYT Certification– Yoga Ed Professional Institute 1 + PI2 IN PERSON count towards your RCYT certification and CEUs with Yoga Alliance; online training only counts towards CEUs
  • Accelerated Schedule – Complete your training in 4 days as opposed to 8 weeks
  • Material Kit – Live includes additional materials and teaching activities that students can take with them (you get ideas for incorporating these into classes and future activities)
  • Decreased Personal Responsibility – Online students are on their own to complete the training; no one will follow up if you complete it or not
  • Social Interaction and Community –  The In-Person Training forms valuable connections with the Trainer and other educators in your group to motivate and support one another

The online courses have been designed for students who are unable to attend in-person trainings due to first and foremost, being located in a place where there are no Trainers available in the vicinity, and second, limited budget, life responsibilities, or personality type (i.e. preference for being an independent learner).


What is this training about?

You can read a detailed Syllabus and overview of what the training incorporates at each booking page. To summarise: The PI1 – Teaching Children’s Yoga has a focus on Children aged 3-12, the PI2 – Teaching Teen’s Yoga has a focus on Teenagers aged 13 – 18.


Is this training certified?

Yes, if you attend the full 32 hours of training you’ll receive your Certificate confirming your graduation as a Children’s or Teens Yoga Teacher. This training is registered with Yoga Alliance and counts towards your RCYT (if you’re a Yoga Teacher) and CEU’s with Yoga Australia.


Do I have to be a Yoga teacher to do this training?

No! The training is open to anyone with a passion for Health and Wellbeing in Youth. We have dedicated time especially for teaching and learning about the different yoga poses and breathing exercises and it’s benefits.


I’m not very athletic or fit. Is this training appropriate for me?

Just like attending a Yoga Class in a studio we’ll ask you to listen to your body and mind. Our trainings are designed to be welcome to all bodies and minds. If you had recent surgery or any health limitations, please inform your trainer so we can ensure you’re safe.


I’m already a 200+hour Yoga Teacher – why should I do extra training to teach children?

Because little bodies and minds are SO different to adults! Our trainings will teach you all you need to know to make yoga for youth fun and engaging, how yoga can support learning and how little bodies and minds can get the most out of yoga in an age-appropriate way. You’ll learn about children’s and teens anatomy and physiology to safely guide children through mindful movement.


Is this training only for school teachers?

Our trainings are open to anyone working with youth. Whether you’re a social worker, parent, counsellor, psychologist, educator or someone who’s passionate about Wellbeing for Youth.


Are there further trainings or certifications I need to do before I can teach to kids?

You’ll graduate our training fully equipped with all the tools needed to teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Youth. You’ll get a certificate to proof this.

However,we believe that learning never stops – so we encourage you to join social media forums, read up in books/magazine and keep informed about new and emerging research and benefits of yoga and mindfulness for youth (this will help you customise your classes and become a better informed yoga educator).


Is the training certified with any peak bodies?

The training is certified with Yoga Alliance and counts towards your Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Registration. Yoga Australia accepts our training as Continuous Education Units (they’re currently in the process of updating their registration requirements).


What is the RCYT?

Registered Children Yoga Teacher. Yoga Teachers can register as a RCYT if they have successfully completed both a 200-hour yoga teacher training and a 95-hour children’s yoga training—in either order—that are registered with Yoga Alliance. Please note that you’re still eligible and certified to teach yoga to children following the training – the RCYT is a registration with Yoga Alliance/Yoga Australia for Yoga Teachers.


Do I need to join an Association?

That’s completely up to you. There are benefits in joining Associations – and we’ll also discuss this on day four of the training.



What do I need to do following the 32hour training? E.g. Insurance?

We recommend to get Public Liability Insurance (if you’re planning on teaching in community rooms etc as this is a booking requirement at most places) and also a Working with Children Check and potentially a First Aid Training. This will be discussed on day 4 of the training and we can give you some advise on what and what not to do.


Do I need to attend all days?

If you would like to graduate as a certified Children’s/Teens Yoga Teacher then yes, attendance of all 32hours is a requirement of the course.


Where do graduates teach?

Our graduates teach in Schools in form of after or before school classes. School teachers joining our training incorporate Yoga and Mindfulness as part of their Curriculum Activities and Health and Physical Education. Others start their own Yoga Business and teach in Community Centres or Yoga Studios. There are a variety of options depending on what your interest and passion is and how far you’d like to take your Yoga for Youth journey. Your income can range anywhere between making $50 – $250 per yoga class.


Who’s the Trainer?

Your Trainer is Regina Cruickshank. She’s a certified Yoga Ed. Trainer and learned all the tools to facilitate the Trainings in Los Angeles at the Training Institute. Regina is the founder and Executive Director of Yogazeit Ltd., a Not for Profit and Charity dedicated on Health and Wellbeing for Youth and Seniors and she runs classes at schools and for the community in the Perth/Fremantle area. She’s safely introduced thousands of children to Yoga and trained over 350 Yoga Educators in Australia since launch in 2018. She’s also a mum of 3, has a background in business and marketing and is currently learning all the tools to support people with life coaching.


What’s your purchase policy?

You can read about our store policy here: https://www.yogazeit.com.au/privacy-policy/


Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes. We offer a $100 non-refundable deposit with the remaining tuition divided into three instalments.

Please contact Regina@yogazeit.com.au


Will there be ongoing networking/support in Australia?

Of course. All graduates are encouraged to join our Yoga Ed. Teachers Australia page for networking and support. We’re a lovely group of passionate Educators and we’d love to have you join us too.


More questions? Email regina @yogazeit.com.au



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