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This is a loving kindness meditation for kids.

In this meditation we invite love and happiness into our hearts and spread this love to all beings on earth.

You can listen to the Meditation when clicking on the image below.

Let’s sit down and if you like .. close your eyes.

Can you feel yourself breathing? …. Great

Now, think of a time you felt really happy.

What did it feel like?

See if you can invite that happiness to smile into your heart … and ask this smile to spread throughout your whole body.

Now remember a time when someone who you really loved gave you a great big warm hug. See if you can imagine what that hug felt like right now.

And invite that love and warmth to come into your heart. You might imagine that this love and happiness that you feel in your heart is a warm glowing light. – pause –

Imagine it expanding in your body.

Now imagine your warm light is growing bigger and bigger.

And think of someone you really, really love.

Maybe it’s someone in your family?

Or maybe a pet that you love?

See if you can imagine your love and happiness growing so big that you can send some of that to them.

Imagine that they can feel it too.

Imagine that they’re hugged in a warm light.

If you let it – this light can expand even bigger. Think of all the people that live near you in your neighbourhood and wish that they too can all feel that love and happiness in their hearts.

Loving Kindness

Invite a smile to fill their hearts and wish that they can feel the loving kindness glowing throughout their bodies.

Now imagine you’re sending this warm glow to all your friends near and far.

To your entire city!

And then everyone in the whole country. And let it continue to expand that you’re sending loving kindness to all human beings on earth.

Remembering that we all want to be loved. And we all want to be happy.

Imagine that you’re connected to all human beings through this love and happiness.