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Mindfulness, Movement, Social Emotional Learning

Integrating Yoga in the school curriculum might help students feel better and improve their grades, recent research suggests! 

Offering mindfulness based Yoga Programs in Schools may help young people learn to manage stress and increase their ability to bounce back in response to stress.  Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools also helps with

  • Emotion Regulation
  • Academic Performance
  • Reduced Anxiety and Tension
  • Resilience to Stress
  • Fewer Problem Behaviours
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Sense of Calm
  • Empathy and Understanding of others
  • Teacher Wellbeing and Classroom Climate

Reducing Stress and Anxiety with Yoga

Physical activity is known to help relieve stress, but yoga may go further than exercise alone. Studies show that yoga has a positive effect on reducing stress and improving overall mental and emotional wellbeing (Birdee et al., 2009; Noggle et al., 2012), by:

  • Reducing perceived stress and increasing self-compassion, so that the mind can deal with stress more effectively and lessen its toll on the body (Gard et al., 2012)

  • Regulating the brain and nervous system, to reduce the physical stress response and improving brain function (Sengupta, 2012).





YOGA classes can vary from 15min – 60min per group and can be tailored to individual year levels, mixed age groups or whole school communities.

Our classes are aligned with the evidence-based Yoga Ed. curriculum, customised to your school’s need. We pride ourselves on implementing the overall School Vision into our class planning, such as ‘Respect’, ‘Teamwork’, ‘Resilience’, ‘Inclusion’ or ‘Excellence’. 


Aligned with the Mindful Schools Curriculum, YOGAZEIT also offers Mindfulness Programs as a stand-alone or in combination with the Yoga Program.  Our in-class, school-wide program may be the most effective way to introduce and integrate mindfulness into your school community.

The Term Program includes:

  • 16 lessons in each class (visiting classes for 15minutes 2 x/week)
  • Mindfulness bells/singing bowls for each class
  • Mindfulness Workbooks for each student
  • A Classroom Teacher Manual for all teachers
  • Three additional 30-minute teacher and staff meetings
  • One additional 1hr Parent Training

Fulfilling National Health and Physical Education Standards

Inclusive of All Abilities (including those with special needs)

Highly Skilled and Experienced Yoga Educators

Working with Children Check and Fully Insured

Evidence-Based Programming 


Please refer to our Guiding Principles.

All our classes fulfil the requirements of the National Health and Physical Education Standards. YOGAZEIT is a proud member of Western Australia’s Health Promotion Schools Association




Yoga | Mindful Movement: From $65 per 30min. class

Mindful Schools Term Program: From $40 per student/8week term

Download the Info Pack here.



Due to COVID-19 we're currently only offering ONLINE classes which will be facilitated by Zoom Online.

Further instructions on the log in etc. can be found in the class descriptions.  Thank you for your support!

Live ONLINE Mindful Monday Moments

A short 5-10min Mindfulness Practice suitable for children, adults, seniors and anyone who'd like to explore mindfulness a bit more.

Mondays @ 9am

ZOOM Online


Live ONLINE Kids Primary School

Introducing little bodies and minds gently and playfully to Yoga and Mindfulness. 30min via Zoom Online. Register to secure your spot! 

Wednesdays @ 9am

ZOOM Online

$8.50 per class

Live ONLINE Teens YOGA and Mindfulness

With a strong focus on mindfulness and meditation and supported by physical movement through Yoga, this 30min class helps to support the inner balance of Teenagers.

Thursdays @ 9am
Zoom Online

$8.50 per class

Live online CHAIR Yoga for Seniors

Suitable for Seniors seeking a gentle practice that still supports a full-body workout with support of a chair. This 30min Mindful Movement class is also suitable for mature aged people with limited mobility.

Thursdays @ 10am
Zoom Online

$8.50 per class

In-School Yoga in 2020 

We are running a variety of In-School Yoga and Mindfulness Term-Programs throughout Perth and the SouthWest . If you'd like to offer Yoga at your Primary or High School, please get in touch. 

Term Program 

From $65 per class

YOGA Ed. Teacher Training and Professional Development

Are you passionate about Yoga and Wellbeing for Youth? Do you want to learn the tools to effectively teach evidence-based Yoga to Youth? Click "Learn more" to check upcoming classes and trainings.

Throughout the year 


Are you a Wellbeing Advocate or are you passionate about supporting Youth, Education or Seniors with Tools for Life?

Do you have Yoga mats or Yoga clothes to donate for our programs?

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Facilitation of Trainings/Classes

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