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Promoting a Lifetime of Health and Wellbeing


The whole school approach recognises that all aspects of the school community can impact positively to promote a lifetime of student and staff health and wellbeing.

YOGAZEIT works with the evidence based Yoga Ed. Curriculum to integrate yoga education into academic environments and the Mindful Schools curriculum to support Mindfulness practice. These programs are distinguished by the simultaneous implementation of

  • student yoga / mindfulness classes
  • staff yoga and minfulness classes
  • community yoga classes
  • Professional Development workshops and
  • Professional Institutes

to sustainably improve overall school health and fitness.

As part of this approach we provide resources to help students, educators, and parents learn skills to promote a lifetime of health and wellness. We will promote this ethic by:

Providing the tools to develop self-awareness and enhance social, physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing;

Developing focus and concentration in order to enhance learning and achievement;

Supporting children in finding enjoyment and success in physical activities;

Facilitating the application of yoga skills and outcomes to other academic and social environments.

Our goals will initially be accomplished through a fixed term pilot yoga program that supports the mission and vision of the school by offering a yoga program for students, educators, and the community.

Upon completion of the pilot program, the entire school community will embody and sustain a yoga culture that promotes self-efficacy and healthy living in tandem with academic achievement.


  • To create experiential learning opportunities for students through the practice of yoga and mindfulness
  • To establish yoga and mindfulness as a means for developing life skills
  • To equip educators with tools and resources that can increase overall health and wellness
  • To cultivate a campus culture that promotes health and wellness in students, educators, staff, parents, and the greater community
  • To create a sustainable yoga and mindfulness program that will operate independently of YOGAZEIT.


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Facilitation of Trainings/Classes


Due to COVID-19 we're currently only offering ONLINE classes which will be facilitated by Zoom Online.

Further instructions on the log in etc. can be found in the class descriptions.  Thank you for your support!

Live ONLINE Mindful Monday Moments

A short 5-10min Mindfulness Practice suitable for children, adults, seniors and anyone who'd like to explore mindfulness a bit more.

Mondays @ 9am

ZOOM Online


Live ONLINE Kids Primary School

Introducing little bodies and minds gently and playfully to Yoga and Mindfulness. 30min via Zoom Online. Register to secure your spot! 

Wednesdays @ 9am

ZOOM Online

$8.50 per class

Live ONLINE Teens YOGA and Mindfulness

With a strong focus on mindfulness and meditation and supported by physical movement through Yoga, this 30min class helps to support the inner balance of Teenagers.

Thursdays @ 9am
Zoom Online

$8.50 per class

Live online CHAIR Yoga for Seniors

Suitable for Seniors seeking a gentle practice that still supports a full-body workout with support of a chair. This 30min Mindful Movement class is also suitable for mature aged people with limited mobility.

Thursdays @ 10am
Zoom Online

$8.50 per class

In-School Yoga in 2020 

We are running a variety of In-School Yoga and Mindfulness Term-Programs throughout Perth and the SouthWest . If you'd like to offer Yoga at your Primary or High School, please get in touch. 

Term Program 

From $65 per class

YOGA Ed. Teacher Training and Professional Development

Are you passionate about Yoga and Wellbeing for Youth? Do you want to learn the tools to effectively teach evidence-based Yoga to Youth? Click "Learn more" to check upcoming classes and trainings.

Throughout the year 


Are you a Wellbeing Advocate or are you passionate about supporting Youth, Education or Seniors with Tools for Life?

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