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Mindful Movement Educator Card Set

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By empowering the children in your class or care with the understanding of the benefits of mindfulness and movement and giving them accessible tools to practice yoga on and off the mat, you’re building strong foundations for their health and wellbeing.

At Yogazeit we believe that learning never stops. By purchasing the Yoga Card Set you’ve taken the first step to support your own health and wellness, and the health and wellness of those you teach. This Yoga Card set is a great tool to support you with skills, knowledge and fun activities to make a real difference!

Being able to share the ‘gift of yoga’ provides you with opportunities to support the mental, physical and social health and wellness of generations to come. You’re planting the seeds for a healthy future! One breath at a time.
Learn new skills and introduce your children, students or grandchildren at home or in the classroom to Mindful Movement.

This beautifully illustrated, trauma-informed classroom-friendly Mindful Movement (Yoga) card deck illustrates the movement, provides teaching notes and explains the physical and mental health benefits of the yoga shape, breathing activity and partner yoga.

Card Dimensions: 21-X148mm (A5)

Number of Cards: 78

Yogazeit is a registered Health Promotion Charity with the Australian Charities Commission. Our purpose is “to empower the physical, mental and social health and wellness for the young and young at heart”. We do this by providing evidence-based Mindfulness and Movement education, classes and training to children, young people and older adults.
Our mission is to empower with Mindful Movement Education. One breath at a time.

IMPORTANT: We will endeavour to ship your Yoga Card Set at the earliest opportunity. We are based in Fremantle but occasionally all staff are out of the office visiting remote communities.

We will always post your card deck at the earliest opportunity. Please be aware there may be a slight delay from order to dispatch when we are remote.

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