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Certified Teacher Training

Bringing your yoga and mindfulness knowledge and skills to the next level.

Certified Teacher Training | Mindful Movement


“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” (Confucius)

At YOGAZEIT the core of our trainings and Professional Development is based on evidence-informed Curricular supported by our experience in and feedback from Australian Schools and Communities.

Since 2018 hundreds of Educators, Health Professionals, Parents and School Communities across Western Australia have embraced a Yoga and Mindfulness philosophy, supporting physical and mental Health and Wellbeing for the Young and Young at Heart. 

All our Teacher Trainings have strictly limited participant numbers to support maximum learning outcomes.

The trainings are registered with Yoga Alliance and/or Yoga Australia allowing you to gain Continued Education Credits. The trainings meet ARACA standards and are aligned with the National Health and Wellbeing Framework in Australia. 

Please contact us if you’ve got any questions or we can support you on your journey.

First Class Trainings with evidence-based Curriculum

  • Certified by Yoga Alliance
  • Alligned with the Australian National Wellbeing Framework for Schools
  • Aligned with the Health and Physical Education Curriculum in Australia
  • Practical, Comprehensive, Life Changing




Yogazeit’s trainings are certified by the Yoga Alliance and meet the Australian Curriculum. Upon completion of the course, participants are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the Yoga Alliance, Yoga Australia, and some Health Alliance Partners.



To help reduce the financial barriers that may prevent you from attending any of our training, we’re excited to offer a number of limited Aboriginal/TSI Scholarships and Education Scholarships. These scholarships provide access to the training at a heavily reduced fee.  Scholarships are available for people passionate about making a difference for youth in schools and aboriginal communities. Very limited spots. Apply now!

Regina Yogazeit

Seniors Yoga Teacher Training Workshop

This course will provide you with new skills and creative ideas to offer to the Seniors in your life. Our Chair Yoga for Seniors course will provide you with the necessary tools to guide the elderly or less-abled towards maintaining a degree of mobility through movement and to allow a sense of well-being through the yoga practice.

Having completed this course you will have the capacity to encourage a person with limited mobility to explore their potential in becoming physically, emotionally and psychologically stronger.

This workshop includes:

  • Definition of Chair Yoga / Mindfulness
  • Common Ageing Ailments
  • Practice Class
  • Suitable Yoga and Mindfulness Exercises for Seniors aged 55+
  • Breathing Exercises, Chair Yoga Activities, Body-Mind Activities, Relaxation Techniques
  • Incl eManual and Participation Certificate

You will come away from this workshop with the knowledge and a toolkit of techniques to create fun and accessible yoga classes for baby boomers and beyond.

This workshop will be invaluable for anyone wishing to learn to make yoga accessible for all with a focus on Seniors residing in Aged Care/Residential Living who’ll be practicing from a chair.

Prerequisites: This workshop is for suitable for anybody who wishes to support the seniors in their life. Wether you’re working in Aged Care as an Occupational Therapist or Physio Therapist, you’re family member who wishes to enrich the time with your (grand)parent, Yoga Teachers, Yoga Teacher Training trainees and anyone with a passion for supporting Seniors with tools to support healthy ageing.

Accreditation: Yoga Teachers: 100% attendance of this Workshop will enable you to gain 4.5 CEU’s with Yoga Alliance as part of our YACEP registration.

With booking our course you agree to the Privacy and Cancellation policy as outlined at http://www.yogazeit.com.au/privacy-policy

This is what our past graduates have said:

“Awesome training. Highly recommended!”. “I’m working as a PhysioTherapist at Aged Care and Regina’s insights have given me valuable tools to support my work with the residents.” “Very practical, insightful and fun workshop!”. “Being a Yoga Teacher with an interested in working with Seniors, this workshop has given me so many ideas on chair based yoga. Really good!”


Upcoming Teacher Trainings and
Professional Development 

We can also host a personalised Professional Development or Training at your school!

Email us to find out how.

Teenage Yoga Teacher Training

Certified TEENAGE Yoga Teacher Training

Bring Yoga and Mindfulness to Teens at school or in the community. This training has a trauma-informed focus and will support skills to support mental and physical health and wellbeing of teens.

Fremantle, WA

4 – 6 February 2022

Friday – Sunday

Children's Yoga Teacher Training

Certified CHILDREN’S Yoga Teacher Training

This 30 hour certified Children’s Yoga Teacher Training will equip you with the skills needed to teach safe and engaging Yoga and Mindfulness to young people aged 3 – 12. Aligned with the Australian School Curriculum from K-Year 6.

Fremantle, WA

22 – 24 April 2022

Friday – Sunday

Children's Yoga Teacher Training

Certified CHILDREN’S Yoga Teacher Training

This 30 hour certified Children’s Yoga Teacher Training will equip you with the skills needed to teach safe and engaging Yoga and Mindfulness to young people aged 3 – 12.

Perth, WA

10 – 12 December 2021

Friday – Sunday

Mindful Movement Classrooms

Mindful Movement in the Classroom

Learn how to teach breathing, mindfulness and movement in this short public Professional Development Workshop.

Murdoch School of Education, WA

Saturday, 18 September 2021

9.00am – 2.00pm

Chair Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training

This short Chair Yoga for Seniors Training Workshop introduces you to teach safe and fun chair yoga and mindfulness practices to support Healthy Ageing at Aged Care.

North Fremantle, WA

Tue, 21 Sept 2021

9.30am – 2.30pm

Co Curricular Yoga

Certified CHILDREN’S Yoga Teacher Training

This 30 hour certified Children’s Yoga Teacher Training will equip you with the skills needed to teach safe and engaging Yoga and Mindfulness to young people aged 3 – 12.

Fremantle, WA

27 – 29 August 2021

Friday – Sunday

Mindful Movement in the Classroom

Learn how to teach breathing, mindfulness and movement in this short public Professional Development Workshop.

Edith Cowan University, Mt. Lawley

Saturday, July 24 2021 

9.00am – 2.00pm

Wellness for Educators

Educator Wellness – Tools to Relax, Refill, Reset

This practical 3 hour Wellness Workshop for Educators includes Mindfulness and gentle Yoga tools to support Health and Wellbeing.

Murdoch, School of Education WA

Monday, 18 January 2021

2pm – 5pm



Asha, 4hour Tools for Teachers

It was a great PD, would highly recommend to friends and colleagues.

Liz, Mum

Thank you so much for these lovely workshops that you organise. Beautiful for all these young girls. Taylah (8) really enjoyed herself.

Teacher Wellbeing Program

This is SO wonderful! Every Monday after school we get to practice yoga and mindfulness. This is very relaxing and helps me destress and feel more focused and on-task. I highly recommend to make time for yoga!

Sophie, Teacher

"I have committed to engaging my students in mindfulness and yoga at the start of every lesson, since participating at your Workshop at Murdoch Uni.Not only does it  provide a space for focus and awareness for my students, but it provides me with the space to explore who I am as a teacher.I have been teaching for about 24 years, so I feel like I know when I have found a good thing!  Offering a calm and meditative space for young people to be through the very difficult time of Covid-19 has felt very important. In the last few stressful days of last term, six year 7 students attended my class, four of whom said they hadn’t slept the night before. I led them through a visualisation based on yours where they go through a door. I think you call in “A special Place”. Two of them stayed asleep and one said, “Miss, can we do that every lesson?”. They then drew their happy place."

Sophie J.,  John Curtin College of the Arts, Fremantle.

Maddison, Treeby Parklands Opal Healthcare

The chair yoga session today was absolutely amazing! The feedback was so great. Can we arrange another yoga class please?

Jane Wells, Aegis Aged Care

Dear Yogazeit, Just wanted to let you know Bianca was awesome today and the residents really enjoyed the chair yoga class. We look forward to booking Yogazeit again for 2021.

Margot, Educator. Tools for Teachers Workshop

This was a really enjoyable workshop, and left me with lots of practical strategies to take into classrooms. I'm feeling really motivated to introduce this to schools I visit. Thank you Regina 

Leila (8) Making Mindful Movement Matter

Yoga was great. Jaci is a great teacher. My favourite breath is Joy Breath. It makes me feel happy and gets my whole body moving!

Anne, Mum of Maisie and Alice

Thank you so much for the wonderful classes you are providing. Maisie and Alice are always so excited for the class and enjoy the new skills they are learning. Alice set up her own yoga class after the session!
You are a wonderful teacher and it’s been great to be a part of the Wednesday mornings. Take care.

Kindy Teacher, Beaconsfield Primary School

I loved that yoga/mindfulness PD. I feel strongly that the best gift we can give to children is an awareness of their thoughts and feelings and strategies to support them. I will be using what I picked up in the classroom and I am so happy to work at a school that values this. 

K. Dicker, Principal Beaconsfield Primary School

Thank you for the Mindfulness Movement Professional Learning. A number of staff have commented that it is one of the best PLs they have been involved in. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see it in action.

Ross Williams, Teenage Yoga Teacher Training

I just finished the 4 day Yoga Teenage Teacher Training course. Enriching experience - personally and professionally. Looking forward to using my new knowledge, understanding & skills with my students. Thank you Regina for sharing your expertise with us and guiding as through the course with consummate ease.

Leila, 9 – After School Yoga Program

I love the movement and balancing and feel I can better control myself when I'm upset or anxious.

Mandy, Seniors Yoga Teacher Training

I attended the Seniors Yoga Training Workshop and have learned so much! I loved how easy the activities are and my Seniors absolutely love their Yogatime. Highly recommended.

Mum of Karla (3), Toddler Yoga

Karla loves doing her yoga moves. She wuffs and miaows. I'm astonished how she listens and takes it all in! Highly recommended!

Rebecca, Children’s Yoga Teacher Graduate

Regina is amazing! Attended a 4 day training on becoming a children’s yoga instructor. The course was excellent. Very detailed, beautifully taught and excellent training material provided. Would highly recommend.

Claire, Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

As a yoga instructor coming to expand my knowledge in teaching children’s yoga, I was very pleased with the quality of the training. The Yoga Ed. Curriculum is well designed for the school (and non school) environment and Regina from Yogazeit is a highly skilled practitioner and genuinely great teacher. I would highly recommend the training to school teachers, yoga teachers or anyone with a passion for supporting holistic child development!

6hour Tools for Teachers, Murdoch University

Wonderful! Such easy and practical tips and ideas! 

Margot, Yoga Educator

This was a really enjoyable Tools for Teachers workshop, and left me with lots of practical strategies to take into classrooms. I'm feeling really motivated to introduce this to schools I visit. Thank you Regina

Angie, Online Yoga class participant

I would like to THANK YOU very much for your generosity in providing ZOOM Yoga during our Lock Down.

What a lovely thought and idea.  Your goodwill and kindness is greatly appreciated.

My grandchildren and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for reaching out and connecting with people.

Serena B.-H., East Waikiki Primary School

Thank you for an amazing Mindfulness and Sound Bath session. Everyone is still talking about how nice and good for them it was. Thank you again for the fantastic work you have done for the staff who have attended the sessions. It was a great end to the year.

Marsha, Training Graduate

Amazing course, very engaging. Regina is fabulous and so inspiring. She is very experienced, knowledgeable and so supportive and real. The content is easy to follow and fun. I highly recommend the teacher course and for people to place their children into a yoga class. The benefits are amazing.

Vicky, Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Appreciate the evidence which supports what we already know is the truth of yoga. Great to have so much emphasis on brain development

Samantha (14) – Co Curricular Classes

I learned how to use Yoga Breathing to help me when I feel stressed or anxious. It has been really helpful at school and at home.

Christine, Children’s Yoga Educator

Attended the yoga teacher training for 3-12 year olds and absolutely loved every minute. Regina and Amy were both incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and supportive. Thank you!

Liam 7, After School Yoga

Since I'm doing Yoga I know how to breathe to help me feel better when I'm upset or anxious.

Wellness PD Participant

Best experience EVER! The combination of Professional Learning, Wellness tools that I can practice in the classroom and at home as well as the nurturing yoga and absolute amazing SoundBath. I can highly recommend this. I wish I could do this every week!

Tools for Teachers Workshop – Family Pathways

I learned so much about yoga tools and how they can support my classroom and myself. Thank you!

Kirsty (Mum of a 10yo girl)

My 10 year old daughter attended the Yogini Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop and loved it!
When I asked her what was the best part she said, "meeting the girls who were all really nice, the fun activities we got to do and Regina was a really good teacher"
She's already looking forward to doing another one. So we both highly recommend the Yoga & Mindfulness Workshops with Yogazeit. Thanks Regina and it looks like we'll see you again for the next one 🙏🧘‍♀️

Mira, Teenage Yoga Teacher Training

Incredible. Clear, descriptive, hands on balanced with theory.

Mum of Marco (13)

Marco loved the Yoga and Mindfulness and it has helped him a lot with his Anxiety. Thank you!

Anna, 4hour Tools for Teachers

Regina held a very informative and interactive session that gave me hands on training to experience and practice YogaEd. Thank you for equipping me with skills to become a more mindful teacher and hopefully pass this on to my students.

Emma, Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Regina was out of this world! Such a grounded, open and honest person with so much love to give. Thank you for making my four days unforgettable.

Kylie – Childrens Yoga Teacher Training

Wonderful. Regina led a transformative journey and I’m so excited to be a part of the Yoga Ed. in Australia Teaching team!

Isabella, Children and Teens Teacher Training

Fantastic training! Can highly recommend this to anyone interested in bringing Yoga and Mindfulness to Kids or Teens.

Claire, Teenage Yoga Teacher Training

It’s the most structured, practical yet theoretical course I’ve been on. Good balance between practice, theory and reflection time. I feel so confident to actually run a class now which is a good reflection on the material.

Sue, Mum

Ella (15) has learned tools to de-stress and unwind. So beneficial for life at school and at home. Thank you!

Kerry, Children’s Yoga Educator

Regina and Amy passionately lead us through three full days of evidence based children’s yoga teacher training for 3-12 year olds. The comprehensive course was outstanding and empowering.

Joe (5) After School Yoga

I love Bear Breathing and Crow Pose!

Mel, Children’s and Teens Yoga Teacher Training

Amazing. Regina was so knowledgeable, engaging, supportive. Great structure, appropriate breaks. Great delivery. Very open and real. An amazing and inspiring teacher. And fun.

Lindy, Year 5 teacher

Yogatime is my favourite time. Every Thursday after school we meet in the hall and Regina and her team come out to provide us with a guided Yoga and Mindfulness class. What I love is that it is accessible for all bodies. I learn to relax and calm my mind and body. When I walk out of the room, I feel like walking on clouds. Highly recommended.

St. Judes, Guildford

Our residents love Yogazeit! It's a wonderful experience every time.

Anja, Lifestyle Coordinator Opal Aged Care

Yogazeit's classes are fantastic! We're looking forward to our weekly chair yoga for over a year now and it's a regular for our residents and their families. I can highly recommend this program!

Ellie, High School Teacher (6hour Tools for Teachers)

I loved your PD at Murdoch University and want to learn more!

Robyn – Primary School Teacher

Regina was awesome. Loved the way she modeled the techniques as if we would do it with children. Also great that she gave time for us to practice in a non-threatening way. I started the techniques straight after attending the PD. The Kids loved it.

Mel, Teacher

Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. Yogazeit's Teacher Wellbeing classes are a real treat. Mindful Monday after school is  my favourite day of the week. We stay on site at school and practice with a group of teachers in the hall. Highly recommended to fill up your cup!

Lee, Teens Yoga Teacher Training

Fantastic Training Material!

Beth, Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Amazing, engaging yoga teacher. After attending the kids yoga teacher course I have all the tools I need to start my own business confidently. Regina is FABULOUS

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

I left the training empowered and ready to teach. I practiced with my school classroom the next day and am SO thrilled by how much I learned in 32hours with Regina and Yoga Ed. Highly recommended!

Kym (Waggrakine Primary School)

I did YOGAZEIT's Teacher course in January 2019. I have been holding 2 yoga sessions a week with our students in their play time, its been so lovely to see the kids come running to the hall to do yoga on these days! Now we're looking at implementing a program for the whole school. It's been great!

Kaye – Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Regina is one of the best teachers I have had in my life. Thourough, engaging and interactive.