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… and why I chose to quit my career to teach Yoga to School Communities and Aged Care.

Telephone PoseKids make yoga look and feel so alive and so beautiful.

  • Children are masters of being and living in the moment. They enrich each class with pure and unconditional JOY!

  • They teach me every time, that I never lose by giving!

  • They teach me freedom within safe boundaries.

  • They teach me how to flow with the energy that they provide.

  • They allow me to create a community, helping me remember that each child is an individual and learns and progresses at their own pace.

  • They help me to become a better person, a better teacher, a better leader.

  • I thrive when they are empowered by making choices, when they pay me back with mutual respect and understanding.

  • I can have fun, laugh about myself, hop around the circle and use my foot as a phone – all while getting a good workout and teaching kids about self-awareness and self-care.

My Yogazeit Senior classes provide me with this beautiful counterbalance. The peace and ease and acceptance of what life brings. Today. Tomorrow. One day at a time.Every Friday I get greeted by a beautiful group of residents Opal Aged Care. Excited and patiently they wait for me – eager to join in 60min of Seated Yoga and Mindfulness where we reach to the stars, open our heartspace and celebrate life.

Each week brings a smile to my face, knowing I make a difference. To the Young and Young at Heart.
Yoga at Aged Care

Living and working with my mind and heart united is such an extraordinary experience! Because Yogazeit Kids and Seniors classes are social and interactive, the benefits of the practice extend even further into life lessons.

I’m feeling so excited, humble and proud all at the same time….
This chapter of my life is full of magic. Make it yours! Join me!

Email me if you’d like to join the #yogazeit community and want to be one of our teachers or if you are keen on exploring one of the classes or trainings.

Embody. Empower. Educate.

With gratitude, always.