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YOGAZEIT Ltd. is a Not for Profit and Health Promotion Charity (DGR 1 status) dedicated to the prevention and management of both psychological and physical health conditions. We educate and empower Australian Youth and Seniors with Yoga and Mindfulness classes, programs, training, and professional development courses founded on the principles of education, ethics and research. In order to support our activities we rely on donations, grants, our own fundraising efforts and funding arrangements with strategic partners.

At YOGAZEIT, we believe that the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga and mindfulness should be accessible to all School Communities and Aged Care facilities across Australia, regardless of financial circumstances, gender, age, backgrounds, abilities, challenges and talents.

To enact our mission, we provide mindfulness education, classes and outreach programs that support growing and ageing bodies and minds in navigating challenging emotions, cultivating an understanding of oppressive systems and their role within them, and enhancing self-confidence. In our classes, students learn and practice tools and strategies that extend far beyond the yoga class. We hold professional development workshops for educators that emphasize Social Emotional Learning, Trauma-Informed Teaching, & Healing Centered Engagement. We also provide yoga and mindfulness classes for educators and carers to support their own emotional and physical well-being.

We’re strongly invested in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with culturally relevant two-way learning Mindfulness and Movement. This is a strategic focus for YOGAZEIT for the coming years. Reconciliation and mental, physical and social health and wellness activities for remote communities are driven with a community-led focus supporting healing on country. One breath at a time.

Yogazeit is excited to being able to offer a number of opportunities to join our small but impactful team. If you’re passionate about Health and Wellness for the Young and Young at Heart, please apply! 



Position Summary

Yogazeit’s Board of Directors are seeking an additional Co-Executive Director to work alongside our Founder and Executive Director to collaboratively guide the organisation through its next phase where we aim to deepen our impact primarily by advancing access and mental and physical health promotion through mindfulness and movement. 

This Co-Executive Director will co-lead all aspects of the organisation while focusing most of their efforts on strategic direction, growth, operations, and Board management. With a small, strong team of volunteers and contractors to guide, the Co-Executive Director should expect to be involved with all levels of the work to ensure the organisation as a whole delivers on its commitment to the well-being of Australia’s Young and Young at Heart.

The Co-Executive Director will play a critical role in the overall impact of our programming, and we need someone who is eager to bring their ideas, experience, and unique insight to the table and on the mat. 

It’s important to note that the onboarding process for this position may take up to six months during which the candidate will fulfil the role of Director of Development and Operations. Our intention behind this process is to allow the whole team ample time to shift into their roles, some redefined, some brand new, as mindfully as possible. During this time, the Director of Development and Operations will work with the whole team, primarily the current Executive Director and the Executive Board, to ensure a smooth transition into a shared leadership model. This period is also an excellent opportunity for the candidate to receive coaching and training in self-identified areas of growth as well as gain a deeper insight of the  organisation and our plans for the future. 

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Make a difference – Volunteer with Yogazeit

Volunteers enable our life-changing programs to reach the most vulnerable amongst young people and older adults. By educating others about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness or taking part in administrative or teaching duties, volunteers ensure that each week our organisation can successfully help those who need it most – allowing us to maximise our impact.


Volunteer Coordinator


 The Volunteer Coordinator will ensure a sustainable, coherent, and enjoyable volunteering experience for all volunteers. This is a completely new role at Yogazeit – allowing to support growth and maximum impact of our health promotion charity activities. Essential for the success of our program delivery and reach, the Volunteer Coordinator will be the key liaison between Yogazeit Executive staff and our volunteer network.

Time: 4 – 6 hours a week

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Volunteer Accountant

This newly developed Volunteer role is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced finance professional to help make a difference for a small Health Promotion Charity.

You will provide effective financial management expertise across planning, budgeting, forecasting, accounting and compliance services for the charity and its grants in accordance with professional accounting standards and contract terms.


  • Invoice and reconcile Accounts in Xero
  • Review and prepare funds acquittal and reconciliations for grants

Time: Approx 3 hours/week

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