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If making a difference and promoting health and well-being in your community, at work or with your mob is important, we have a health and wellbeing in your community range of platforms and flexible study options to choose from. 

Yoga Cards (either the current store we use or a different one if you know a better one. We’ll add the Yogazeit Curriculums for sale too). Once you have the shop identified, just send through a link and I’ll send through packshots, description and pricing.

Visit our Youtube Channel

This channel gives you a sneak peek into the work we do in remote Aboriginal communities and our community events. We also give you some educational Mindfulness and Movement tips.


At Yogazeit we believe that learning never stops. By purchasing the Yoga Card Set you’ve taken the first step to support your own health and wellness, and the health and wellness of those you teach.

Mindful Movement Activities

Check out our range of FREE Mindfulness and Movement activities for you and your community.


Discover the stories of individuals and communities on Yogazeit's blog. Integrate these practices into your own life, whether you're a teacher, parent, or simply interested in holistic wellbeing.