Mindful Pilbara

A community-led, collaborative program to empower social-emotional skills, resilience to stress and language revitalisation.

Connecting body, mind, country and culture.

One breath at a time.
On Ngarluma Country.

Following extensive community consultation in the Pilbara, we’ve been invited by the community to collaborate, learn and lead customised Mindful Movement Education for Roebourne District High School and the wider community.

26/8 – 2/9/2022

Delivery of Deadly Minds in Roebourne

Community-led and trauma-informed

Authentic two-way learning

Evidence-based Curriculum

Revitalising Yindjibarndi and Ngarluma language for Mindful Movement

Meeting National Health and Physical Education Standards

Aligned with the school’s Social Emotional Wellbeing Plan

The sound of the Singing Bowl makes me feel calm. It helps me to focus and concentrate on what I’m doing. Deadly!
Roebourne District High School student

Some numbers to showcase this two-way learning community collaboration:

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The funding period for Project Deadly Minds Pilbara 2022 has ended. 

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If you have questions or wish to discuss potential involvement opportunities, please contact:

Sharnell Avery, Outreach Coordinator 0433 383 076 / Sharnell@yogazeit.com.au

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